Which do I do?

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Which do I do?

If you want food, visit world 1 at which folks power fishing, offering free trout/salmon. Magic: Train on the mage dumbies till it stops you from doing this. You may then got the magical level required toOSRS gold get a few curses. Cast these curse spells around the Zamorak monk from the Varrock Castle, right behind the staircase. Once you reach the perfect magic level ( I believe it is 25) cast Curse on the Zamorak monk. Once the level is achieved, you can even superheat (really quick xp, and you break even in the event that you make steel bars) or higher alch. Leave prayer alone, maintain your attack at 40 (45 in the event that you receive the gravite 2h).

Since the release of this Fight Kiln will come after this month, I really wanted to get a fire cape. I've tried 2-3 times without any chance.With the 3rd, it isnt likely to receive 99 Magic or Ranged? Idk, all of them seem so limiting, personally Id go with 20 str 99 assault, however you cant do much with that except you can use a rapier instead of a staff, staffs arent extremely effective.

Use the leaf blade sword as the primary weapon. If you're going to be a member, at least get 99 Summoning. What I really don't understand is restricting yourself to only 100 battle. That way you can actually get some fantastic levels.

I have a PD Day this Friday which means. . No School! I will be on RS for a total of 7 hours ! Dung qusetions. Can somebody tell me all the classes. Forzen is similar to 1-10? Then what? Just how much xp can I get in 7 hours if I solo dung. 12 dung so far. Tcmp and others advised me to do C1 that gets me like 55xp/dung. Ansak advised me to perform C6 that got me about 650xp both times.

Which do I do? I refresh everytime I can not do any flooring. Is this right? Do I do the cheapest floor for every course? DO I really do rush or all chambers? Can I get xp if I simply put in a dead end or do I have to kill everything? I level my own att every 3 dungs at the moment. (32 att). Fractite 2h or rapier when I could use on?

Pianist stated that. How long could 40/40/40 with 50 range/mage take for me? Around 30/40 hrs total. Is that true? How long could all F2P quests require when I did all ofCheap RS gold em except Shield of Arrav, Dragon Slayer, and Prince Ali Resuce? Range=Max it can go without level. Mage=1 level lower than scope.

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