Sorry if what I kind is not easy to read due to punctuation mistakes

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Prisoners OSRS Items of War (My own idea) What clan havent contested again when loses or wins just to have more fun. Together with Prisoners of War one of each clan appears in the other hand with five less HP and needs to return to his own clan... but it's going to be in a jail with guards The clan need to assist his MIA before strikes the other clan.

If the alternative into the clan proprietor to provide some EXP its authentic each game will give diff amount, and every ppl will find a diff amount too (like genie's lamps) And (to not help a lot the proprietor ) after conflict to each clan warrior appears a message (like genie again) stating what skill u prefer?

Sorry if what I kind is not easy to read due to punctuation mistakes. But I only have around 2 minutes then I am off the pc. My first idea is to lock clan conversation. Only the clan owner can achieve this, and what happens is the second the lock clan chat button has been clicked, no one else can enter the clan chat. This is a ways where you could invite your friend's friend in your chat without permitting everybody in or just 1 person.

My second idea is when you see someone in your clan chat, their scatter is not the same color, and in the example of clan wars that your staff becomes that color and opponet's team is a different colour. This is to help people buy School RuneScape Gold so that they dont always have to attempt to attack their team mates to see if they're on that individual's side or not.