Cheap RuneScape gold is worth the effort

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It is very ridiculous I agree, why not just have 2. Why I'd like to be able to do this, However, for me that is. I would actually subscribe to the best shit if I meant I could do both without OSRS gold.You do understand that regardless of what if you change matches you need to start over correct? Whether it is the same account or not.What do you mean it doesn't matter? I've made progress on my same account for both games, and if I'd like to play at the exact same exact time I'd have to make a new account.

I am a hobby developer, and each of the comments saying is"hopeless" don't realy understands how login techniques operate. The simple and normal approach is to allow multiple simultaneosly logins. Is a FEATURE to not allow multiple logins. Allowing two unique games use the exact same login wouldn't crash anything. Consider netflix, not only they can allow logins, they even can place a limit. So developers have complete control on the behavior. My view on this is that they didn't do this because they fear hackers and abuse should they change anything in the login system, or so the code is such a nightmare that not even they understand how it works.

You're comparing a web application that was constructed specifically to have this functionality to a 20 year old game that started out as just one single game, and then became two matches using a branch of an old edition. Or it has got nothing to do with the"login system" and much more to do with the way other shit functions, like the cross-game friends list, buddies chat, etc. that could be impacted by this, all systems that have been around for over a decade and likely have barely been touched. Not completely unlikely considering Runescape is 20 years old, and has been through several"generations" of developers touching it.

Its not impossible, its just not worth the effort for jagex, specialy in their proprietary language hardly any employees understand and 15+ years worth of code touched by who knows how many people. People who wants to play RS3 and OSRS at the same time do this and already pay x2 for it at the 2nd account. Even if this attribute for paying double was optional (cuz it'd incredibly unfair to charge double for the people who dont perform OSRS and dont have interest in playing with it ), why could jagex squander time and attempt to alter and adapt such system when they would get nothing out of it?

Jagex is a company, theres no incentive at all for them to do that. Updates are already lacking enough on RS3 side of things, they really cant afford to waste time on something which will provide no return. That would mean that they have to replicate the whole player database, just so they can let 1 account login at precisely the exact same moment. It would be almost impossible. Unfortunately infrastructure/servers do not work (well) this way.

Why whould they will need to copy the database? Login functionality is (or should be) separated from the playerstate. There is no reason to keep the playerstate of the two games at precisely the same table. In case your login funcionality is split of buy old school rs gold, this should not be hard to do. Biggest reason is for server capacity.